Moving to a new home has never been easier, and chances are you will need help from a professional moving and storage services provider if you are to execute it safely and in a risk-free manner. It is, however, important that you first understand the type of move that best describes your needs.

And while you will probably require them all or a combination of either, here is a description of the moving services that we currently offer:

Local Moves

Ideally, a relocation exercise is considered local if you remain within the bounds of your current state. Whether you are moving down the street, across Chicago, or from one county to another your move is primarily considered local. In most instances, but dependent on a host of other factors determined by the moving company, local moves are charged by the hour.

Long Distance

A move is considered long distance if it involves moving from one state to another or even one end of the country to the other. Cross country moves vary from their local counterparts in a variety of ways including the fact that charges depend on weight and bulkiness of items and not travel hours.

Additionally, not all moving companies are licensed and insured to offer long interstate and cross country moves. This realization should help guide your search for a long distance mover.

Piano Moves

A piano will probably be the bulkiest and one of heaviest household goods you have around thus requiring special handling. Given the complexities surrounding moving a piano, especially when it has to come down several freights of stairs, it is treated and often charged differently.

In some instances, the piano move can be simplistic, only requiring boards and dollies that reduce damages to the floor. In complex cases, however, such as where it has to descend or ascend several floors to an apartment or the apartment has a small doorway where it cannot fit, it may require rigging and this pushes the moving cost upwards.

Appliance moving

This refers to the relocation of the different home appliances including:

  • Fridges
  • Microwaves
  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers.

It may also refer to the relocation of any home machinery or appliance with mechanized parts that call for special handling during packing and transportation.

Packing services

While packing services do not constitute a move independently, they form an integral part of the moving process. You need to get it right by sourcing for quality packaging materials and adhering to all the safe packing guidelines if you hope to have your household goods reach their new home safe and in one piece.

Storage services

What happens when your belongings don’t fit in your new home, and you can’t afford to give or throw them away? You hire a storage unit where you stuck them up as you create more room or decide on what to dispose and what to keep. Most of these storage units are run by moving companies implying that you stand to get a better quote if you hire both professional moving and storage services.

For the best rates on moves in the Windy City, give Eli JBSD Movers a call today! We’re here to provide you with all the moving services you need for a fast, easy relocation.