Packing up your home for a move is stressful enough. But then, once you have everything on the moving truck and it is on its way to your new home, you remember one important thing. You are going to have to unpack everything and find a place for everything. Here are some tips from Cheap Chicago Movers ( to ensure unpacking your new kitchen goes as smoothly as possible:

Label Before You Move

Hopefully, you packed your boxes well and labeled them. Labeling the boxes can help you organize things when you get to your new house. If you know what is in each box, you can place the boxes close to where you want to unpack them. Additionally, you can get the large items unpacked and start getting rid of boxes faster.

Think Through the Layout

One room, in particular, that can be tricky to unpack is the kitchen. You might want to do some of the following tricks to unpack your kitchen and get it set up, so you can use it efficiently. You might want to think about how your previous kitchen was organized. If you were happy with your previous setup, you might want to try to recreate it in the new space.


Plan with Functionality in Mind

Everyone wants to create a kitchen that functions well. It is aggravating to have to search all your cabinets looking for something you need when you are in the middle of a recipe. You want everything within hands reach and available.

Remember These Useful Tips

Whatever you decide about the organization of your kitchen, there are a few things you should remember when planning the arrangement of your new kitchen.

  • Store pots and pans in bottom cabinets next to the stove. You can store the lids in the drawer under the oven unless you use it all the time.
  • Place cups and plates at eye level because they are items that you use all the time.
  • Store utensils in the drawer in an easily reached spot. You might want them right next to the stove or the sink. It depends on how the kitchen is configured.
  • Store bowls and other items that you do not use every day either on the higher shelves or the lower shelves.
  • Keep cleaning items out of reach of children by placing them in cabinets that are high up. However, if you do not have small children, the best place for soap and cleaners is under the sink.
  • Create your pantry by separating your foodstuffs and your dishes. You should organize canned goods depending on what kind of product they are.


  • Find a place for all your spices. An easy spot is to put them in a rack that sits next to the stove, so they are readily available.
  • You may have packed china and other fragile dishes along with your kitchen items. Make sure to find these items a space that is not accessed daily, so they do not get damaged.

So, when you are thinking about unpacking your kitchen, think about what you use and when you use it. You want to try to move efficiently around the kitchen and not have to keep walking back and forth to get different things. If you unpack correctly, you can create a smooth moving kitchen where everything is within reach at a moment’s notice.

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